Type and Size

Type and Size

Print by Type or Size when you want to pull media from the first tray that is loaded with the type or size that you select. Selecting media by type rather than source is similar to locking out trays and helps protect special media from accidental use. For example, if a tray is configured for letterhead, and you specify that the driver print on plain paper, the printer will not pull media from that tray, but will pull paper from a tray that has plain paper loaded and is configured for plain paper.

HP 3000 3600 3800 note Type and Size NOTE

Selecting the Any setting negates the tray lock-out function.

Selecting media by type and size results in significantly better print quality for heavy paper, glossy paper, and overhead transparencies. Using the wrong setting can result in unsatisfactory print quality. Always print by Type for special print media, such as labels or transparencies. Always print by Size for envelopes.

If you want to print by Type or Size and the trays have not been configured for a certain type or size, load the media into tray 1. Then, in the printer driver, select the Type or Size in the Page Setup, Print, or Print Properties dialog box.
If you often print on a certain type or size of media, the printer administrator (for a network printer) or you (for a local printer) can configure a tray for that type or size. Then, when you select that type or size as you print a job, the printer pulls from the tray configured for that type or size. See Configuring trays.
When you close tray 2 or optional tray 3, a message might appear prompting you to select a Type or Size for the tray. If the tray is already configured correctly, press HP 3000 3600 3800 arrow return Type and Size to return to the Ready state.
HP 3000 3600 3800 Type and Size