HP Printer Utility features

HP Printer Utility features

The HP Printer Utility consists of pages that you open by clicking in the Configuration Settings list. The following table describes the tasks that you can perform from these pages.

Item Description
Color Cleaning Prints a cleaning page.
Configuration Page Prints a configuration page.
Supplies Status Shows the printer supplies status and provides links for online supplies-ordering.
HP Support Provides access to technical assistance, online supplies ordering, online registration, and recycling and return information.
File Upload Transfers files from the computer to the printer.
Upload Fonts Transfers font files from the computer to the printer.
Firmware Update Transfers updated firmware files from the computer to the printer.
Duplex Mode Turns on the automatic two-sided printing mode.
Economode Toner Density Turns on the Economode setting to conserve toner, or adjusts toner density.
Resolution Changes the resolution settings, including the REt setting.
Lock Resources Locks or unlocks storage devices, such as a hard disk.
Stored Jobs Manages print jobs that are stored on the printer hard disk.
Trays Configuration Changes the default printer tray settings.
IP Settings Changes the printer network settings and provides access to the embedded Web server.
Additional Settings Provides access to the embedded Web server.
E-mail Alerts Configures the printer to send e-mail notices for certain events.
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