HP Easy Printer Care Software sections

HP Easy Printer Care Software sections

The HP Easy Printer Care Software contains the sections described in the table below.

Section Description
Overview tab
Contains basic status information for the printer.
Devices list: Shows the printers that you can select.
Device Status section: Shows printer status information. This section will indicate printer alert conditions, such as an empty print cartridge. It also shows device-identification information, control-panel messages, and print-cartridge levels. After you correct a problem with the printer, click the HP 3000 3600 3800 refresh HP Easy Printer Care Software sections button to update the section.
Supplies Status section: Shows detailed supplies status, such as the percentage of toner remaining in the print cartridges and the status of the media that is loaded in each tray.
Supplies Details link: Opens the supplies status page to view more detailed information about printer supplies, ordering information, and recycling information.
Support tab
Provides help information and links.
Provides device information, including alerts for items needing attention.
Provides links to troubleshooting information and tools.
Provides links to the HP Web site for registration, support, and for ordering supplies.
HP 3000 3600 3800 note HP Easy Printer Care Software sections NOTE

If you use a dial-up connection and did not connect to the Internet when you first opened the HP Easy Printer Care Software, you must connect before you can visit these Web sites.

Supplies Ordering window
Provides access to online or e-mail supplies ordering.
Ordering list: Shows the supplies that you can order for each printer. If you want to order a certain item, click the Order check box for that item in the supplies list.
Shop Online for Supplies button: Opens the HP supplies Web site in a new browser window. If you have checked the Order check box for any items, the information about those items can be transferred to the Web site.
Print Shopping List button: Prints the information for the supplies that have the Order check box selected.
Email Shopping List button: Creates a text list of items that have the Order check box selected. The list can be copied into an e-mail message that you send to your supplier.
Alert Settings window
Allows you to configure the printer to automatically notify you of printer issues.
Alerts on or off: Activates or deactivates the alerts feature for a certain printer.
When alerts appear: Sets when you want alerts to appear—either when you are printing to that particular printer, or anytime there is a printer event.
Alert event type: Sets whether you want alerts for only critical errors, or for any error, including continuable errors.
Notification type: Sets what type of alert should appear (pop-up message or system tray alert, and e-mail message).
Device List tab
Shows information about each printer in the Devices list.
Printer information, including printer name, make, and model
An icon (if the View as drop-down box is set to Tiles, which is the default setting)
Any current alerts for the printer

If you click a printer in the list, the HP Easy Printer Care Software opens the Overview tab for that printer.
Device List tab information includes the following:

Find Other Printers window
Allows you to add more printers to your printer list.
Clicking the Find Other Printers link in the Devices list opens the Find Other Printers window. The Find Other Printers window provides a utility that detects other network printers so that you can add them to the Devices list and then monitor those printers from your computer.
HP 3000 3600 3800 HP Easy Printer Care Software sections