Changing print cartridges

Changing print cartridges

When a print cartridge approaches the end of useful life, the control panel displays a message recommending that you order a replacement. The printer can continue to print using the current print cartridge until the control panel displays a message instructing you to replace the cartridge.

The printer uses four colors and has a different print cartridge for each color: black (K), cyan (C), magenta (M), and yellow (Y).

Replace a print cartridge when the printer control panel displays a REPLACE <COLOR> CARTRIDGE message.

HP 3000 3600 3800 note Changing print cartridges NOTE

If all of the print cartridges wear out at the same time and you are printing mostly monochrome (black and white), you should change the print mode to MOSTLY BLACK PAGES. See System Setup sub-menu for more information.

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HP 3000 3600 3800 Changing print cartridges